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We’re on a mission to help you scale smarter and improve your workweek. We bring sales, marketing and service all together in a way that gets rid of wasted effort, closes more sales, and creates delightful customer experiences.

RevOps Services

At the heart of everything we do lies the essential trio of strategy, reporting, and optimizations. These are the building blocks that allow us to excel and deliver unparalleled results.
Tech Stack Audits
Consolidate and streamline your tech stack to create more efficient and integrated business processes. Ultimately, our goal is to save your team time and resources. 
Data Hygiene
Capitalize on one of your most valuable resources: your data. We help you build workflows so you can trust your data and free you up to better connect with your customers. 
Automations & Integrations
Free up your team to do what they do best, like strategy and building relationships, then let's automate and integrate the rest. 
Process Design
Build a revenue engine that breaks down the silos between marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. We analyze the gaps in your current system to create a streamlined process focused on your growth goals. 
Data Architecture
Transform your data to work for you. Our strategists help you design, map out, and construct a data framework that's tailored to your needs, giving you the insights you need to make strategic decisions with confidence.
Reporting & Strategy
Analyze and strategize based on the metrics that matter most to your stakeholders. With clear and comprehensive reporting, we can work together to strategically plan and pivot your revenue system.
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Discovery. Strategy. Delivery.

We take a strategy-first approach centered around a deep discovery process to understand your organization’s unique goals, challenges, data structure, and ideal audience.

Growth Road Map

Why A Road Map?

  • Customized Strategy
  • Reduce Roadblocks
  • 90 Day Action Plan
  • 5 High Impact Wireframes
  • Quicker Adoption and Time to Value
  • Clear Timelines, Costs, & Expectations

“ I really appreciate the professionalism, engagement, and responsiveness from [...] the team. I look forward to these next steps and driving meaningful growth in our direct customer sales.” 

- Brett Paduch | HomeTech Industries

Our Proven Process

We follow a tried-and-true process that starts with big strategic questions and ends with continually optimized tactics that get results.
  • Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Reporting

They really transformed our HubSpot into a working element of the business, bridging the gap between sales and marketing reporting and then to executing. I would give them a ten.

woman smiling
Cara B.
CEO, Infinite Marketing
Every person I’ve interacted with at Second Mile has been extremely kind, passionate, and knowledgeable, and I’m so thankful to have found them as a partner. 
thomas newton headshot
Thomas N.
Director of Marketing, D&Y Staffing

Why Second Mile?

What makes us different from any other agency? And what's in it for you?
Strategy First
Effective tactics require a clear strategy. That's why we craft a tailored digital marketing Road Map that guides you from your current position towards your desired destination.
Phased Approach
Our top priority is to tackle what matters most to you. We believe in a phased approach to your digital strategy that allows for continuous learning, iteration, and optimization.
Long Term Partners
Discovering a like-minded partner who shares your vision and values is priceless. Together, let's forge an enduring partnership that drives success for your brand.

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