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HubSpot: The Higher Education Marketing Solution

Higher education marketing is no easy task and is only getting harder. Universities have to be able to attract the right prospective students and do so in an increasingly competitive market. Today’s prospective students, Gen Zers, spend up to 10 hours per day on their phones with an attention span of just 8 seconds, making it difficult for universities to stand out amidst all the marketing noise. 


The good news is that there are plenty of great tools available for higher education marketers today that help them streamline their communications efforts, save time, and stay on top of emerging trends in marketing. One such tool is HubSpot—a complete marketing suite.


HubSpot is a marketing automation platform used by thousands of higher education institutions and its customizable features make it perfect for the competitive landscape of admissions communications. Get in front of prospective students with these 5 benefits to using HubSpot:


1. Align Marketing and Admissions


You can easily align your digital marketing and advertising efforts within HubSpot, so that leads are passed from the marketing to admissions seamlessly. This ensures a smooth process and that all eyes are on the student’s journey from inquiry to application submitted. 


2. Attract Right-Fit Students with Personalized Campaigns


Email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. HubSpot makes it easier than ever by providing a suite of tools that streamline the process and allow marketers to differentiate their own messages from the competition. This effective segmentation helps universities increase touchpoints with prospective students and maximize communication to improve conversion rates. 


3. Measure Campaign Success with HubSpot


With HubSpot, you can track important metrics like website traffic, follows and likes on social media, email opens and clicks, leads, inquiries, etc. to get a holistic understanding of campaign performance. Using closed-loop metrics in HubSpot helps your institution better understand your prospective student's journey and get a complete and accurate view of campaign ROI.


Build end-to-end campaigns with HubSpot from original content creation, to automation and personalized email marketing to attract right-fit students, as well as manage your admissions campaigns through HubSpot to manage all enrollment initiatives, track inquiries, and maximize ROI. HubSpot allows you to streamline all of your inbound marketing communications into one platform.


4. Create Engaging Marketing Communications in HubSpot


Creating multiple conversion points using HubSpot's tools (i.e. forms, CTAs, blogs, landing pages, etc.) allows you to speed up the enrollment cycle for students as well as create engaging content to move prospective students from marketing to enrollment.


5. HubSpot = Easy to Use


HubSpot is much easier to use than other higher education platforms on the market. From HubSpot's Academy to HubSpot Certified Partners, there are many ways to learn the platform's tools and capabilities. It's important that your higher education institution streamlines its marketing communications into one platform, like HubSpot. 


Higher education institutions are going through a period of change as they adapt to an increasingly mobile and social world. More importantly, there is a need for higher education marketing teams to use new methods of outreach to students in order to reach the most prospective students possible with effective and personalized communications. See for yourself how HubSpot can make the difference for your institution


Published by Hannah Collins May 24, 2021